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About C|C

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Courtney!

I’m the creator and founder of Creative Change Connect and I’m passionate about supporting parents with simple, daily activity ideas for kids! My excitement for creating games, activities, and crafts that are easy to prep and actually do with your kids started in 2006 when I started a kids camp in my backyard with a friend. Those are my most favorite summer memories!

Now, 15 years later, I’m over the moon excited to bring parents even easier, more convenient ways to connect and play with their kids!

Happy playing!


Created for YOU

Creative Change Connect is the first subscription that was created to help busy moms. Whether you feel like you are the most creative mom, or the least creative mom, or you work inside or outside or your home or are starting your own business, we are here for you! We know that mom life is busy and our goal is to help make your life just a bit easier. With Creative Change Connect, you will never have to search for or plan an activity again. With a monthly subscription that is less than $0.50/day, we will take care of all the searching and planning for you so that you have more time to spend with your kids to play and learn. Plus, our activities use simple supplies that can be found around your house, so no matter your day, you will always have time for play!

Our promises to YOU

  • We will provide simple activities that use simple, easy-to-find supplies
  • We will deliver creative, fun, and unique ways for you to connect and play with your kids
  • We will help you be more present, reducing the mental load of planning activities
  • We will be a source of excitement, playfulness, fun, and laughter
  • We will provide clear, easy-to-understand, simple ideas
  • We will always strive to differentiate with learning in every activity

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